Date(s) - 02/18/2017
07:30 pm - 09:30 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary

Crystal Sonics and Egyptian Sekhem Healing Circle

ankh Crystal Sonics and Egyptian Sekhem Healing Circle

Facilitated by Berena Wise

Join us for our healing circle and experience divine healing energy. Each person attending will receive attunements and healing using: The Crystal Harp, Crystal Bowls, Crystal Tuning Forks, Crystal Pyramids, Crystal Stones, and Music Channeled Personally for our Healing Circle by Gregg Bartow, (Realm Ryder). The harmonizing power of Crystal Sonic vibrations will lift you into the Natural Universal Energy Flow allowing us to transcend our physical boundaries and open to our greater reality.

Experience Sekhem Energy, which is channeled living light energy of pure love with many cosmic aspects from the stars and was utilized in ancient cultures such as Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt. Within this powerful Alchemical Process, high frequency energies will be accessed for healing and personal transformation.

The Energies of Heaven and Earth come together to spiral, dance and become One within the heart; Sekhem will balance and merge the physical and subtle bodies, unifying all polarities including masculine and feminine. The lotus blossom of the unified heart chakra will burst open and unfold, bringing forth the eternal golden blue-white flame of our own Christ Consciousness and the I Am Presence. 

In this Year 2017, with the assistance of The Angelic Kingdom, The Ascended Masters, and The Beings Of The Light, “The Celestial Stargate” will open for us. The Stargate is a Quantum Energy field, which connects us inter-dimensionally. We will be receiving energies for the activation and integration of the Photonic Light Energies that are now bathing the Earth. The combination of energies we are receiving is what’s fueling our ascension or consciousness shift. We will, with the assistance of the universal time keepers, be traveling in meditation to holy sites such as The Retreats of the Master, and Stonehenge, and other ancient civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis for remembrances and activations.

Energy Exchange: $20 (must be paid with reservation)

Must RSVP & PrePay for this event as space is very limited.  Maximum 21


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