Father’s Day will soon be here and I have been reflecting on my recent visit back home.  I went to assist my family with my father who is 90 and is rather ill.

During one of the daily visits with my father at the care facility, I saw my Dad open up and sob.  I had never seen him cry before.  I realized that he was processing many different memories and emotions as he was trying to deal with his failing health, his frustration with the loss of control over his life, past regrets and his fear of the unknown and what is coming next.

Our emotions can give us either happiness or unhappiness.  Emotions are messages for the soul and while our soul “grows” through both, we ultimately want the majority of our feelings to be happy and to keep the positive life energy flowing throughout our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.  We know that if you don’t process the negative or unhappy emotions and if we repress them and don’t deal with them-these negative thoughts and feelings channel throughout our body, disrupting our positive energy flow and eventually causing harmful effects.

As I witnessed my own Father trying to clear out the backlog of his repressed emotions, I realized that it is actually “how” we feel about our thoughts that matter to our Soul.  If we deal with the negatives and realize they held a purpose or a message for Our Soul’s Growth and Our Life Purpose; we begin to look at these differently.  We begin to “feel” these in a different light… we categorize these as helpful versus a “feeling” that they were a mistake.  When we take the time to Meditate and get in touch with our Spirit-we can receive and process these thoughts and emotions and position them positively in our Soul to maintain healthy balance in the Flow of Life.

I wish you all a Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotional Healthy Balance!

Smiling and filled with LOVE,

Robin (Robin’s Healing Touch) with help from one of my guiding lights I know as Gea