3rd Poem 4/19/2018 led from the Many…I say led because that energy led the words but I was very much mixed in as well.

Our Old Design is beginning to shatter and crumble…

Please make sure you are safe.

Our Old Design is beginning to Rumble…

Where are you at in your space?

We told you to get ready…did you perceive our call?

We told you to get ready; well, it is here now.

Remember no fear is a key that will move you through the door…

The door you WILL go through!

Open your eyes to see the Amazing

Be Present in the NOW…

To SEE is a Key

No Fear IS TOO…

It is time to allow and surrender the crumble

Your NEW DESIGN is just waiting for YOU!!

          From the Many
                        and JypsyJenn & Earth Magic


Emotional Healing & Balance

We always have tools and each other to help us with our emotional healing and balance as we go through more changes. These changes are inevitable…they are a must and it is time. I know most of you reading this already know this all too well. Are you having a hard time surrendering to this process and letting go of all that no longer serves our evolution? Allow yourself to evolve into these higher vibrating energies. These energies are creating more for us to tune into that will help us. If you stay out of fear you will ALWAYS feel what is right for you and what is not. So find time to just Be Still…Be with Your Self. Meditate Be and You Will See…Everything meaningful flows! Don’t fear this change as it is in our highest good and outcome…just be aware and see the beauty unfold.

Some items came through that would like to work with us and they have been very popular in our store. One of these items has kept popping up and I could not figure out completely why till now…the Blue Quartz. Here are three items great to work with during the tormentuous times:

Blue Quartz—A soothing, stress-relief stone. Helps assists in the ability to reach out to others. Alleviates fear, Calms the mind, Inspires hope, and Promotes understanding your Spiritual Nature. Blue quartz is perfect to use as a peace & tranquility stone.

Lithium Quartz—Gentle but very powerful stone helping to enhance deep meditation & releases tension. Activates any of the chakras required for our upgrade. Awakens our human self to integrate our Higher Self. Excellent aid for protecting loved ones and our physical security.

Emotional Balance Turquoise Votive Candles—Sandalwood & Rose—“I release the binding thoughts that keep me in this state of turmoil. I surrender to the flow of life, achieving my balance.”

*I have a Feeling that we are going to break down a lot of barriers. So Get Strong…Stay Calm and BE READY! As long as you remain out of fear…these changes are feeling bubbly delicious!!!

Jennifer aka JypsyJenn & Earth Magic