We are releasing our past and setting our intentions for the future. At the same time we are integrating enormous amounts of energy to fill all the empty spaces we created by dismantling our old mindsets and old reality. Don’t be discouraged; keep up your good work. Use these challenging energies to gain more inner strength. These energies are preparing us, grooming us, for the many new changes and opportunities next month will bring. So set and keep your intentions strong.

We are at an important Tipping Point in our personal and collective forward movement!

Recently I was asked what a tipping point meant. This is only one explanation.

A tipping point occurs when we reach the end of an energy cycle, a cross road, or a personal energy cycle, and we realize that we no longer feel comfortable or want the reality we now have.

The turning point is when we realize we are either going to stop and stay exactly where we are energetically, or we are going to go over the top of the mountain and move forward energetically on our spiritual path.

This is our transformation, where we transcend into a new paradigm and reality. Remember, this is a transcending process, because it is always a one step at a time process, it is never a one big quantum leap forward into a new reality. We must always do our personal work.

Each one of us has our own unique gift and light to share, and each of our unique gifts and light is important and necessary in building our new world.

We need to expand our light and shine it right now, because that is what continues to move us all along our ascension cycle and keeps the 3D and 5D integration moving forward.  Shine your light out for all to see! Know things will get better and easier as we move into our new 5th dimensional higher vibrations that are integrated with the 3rd dimension. Remember, We are not eliminating 3D; we are integrating them into one new vibrational frequency.

Stay positive, open your heart, and shine your brightest light!

Berena Wise