I received a powerful message from Spirit a couple of days ago, and I want to share it with you. It was a profound message and I hope that I can relate it in a way that you will understand.

We all know that we are creator beings and that we create our reality with our thoughts, words and actions. However, knowing this has not had much impact on our world. It is time to put this knowing into powerful action.

We all want a New Earth, but we still spend the majority of our time unconsciously participating in the old paradigms. We continuously put our attention on what we “don’t want” by thinking about the horrible situations happening around the world, such as catastrophic weather events, terrorism, oppression, war, poverty, etc. It’s okay to be aware of these things. How can you not when it comes at us from all of our social media sources, the news, etc.? However, we can be “aware” without reacting emotionally. That is where most of us are stuck. It is our emotional reactions that perpetuates more and more of what we “don’t want.”

Spirit reminded me that WE are the creators of our reality, so it is up to us to create the New Earth. Yes, we are getting and will continue to get help from the Higher Realms, but they can’t do it for us. It is time for us to step up and be proactive.

As creator gods, we change our world by starting with ourselves. If you follow Lisa Transendence Brown, you know that she often speaks of “her Universe,” stating that we are each a Universe unto ourselves. Spirit’s message to me was to begin to create perfection in our Personal Universe. How do we do that when we’re still living in this 3D reality? This is how they explained it to me:

When you see an event in your outside world that is distressing, simply make a statement to yourself that is the opposite. Let’s take an example of the bees. I’ve been seeing so many things on Facebook that the bees and dying and we need to sign petitions to save the bees. Spirit said for me to declare, “In my world, the bees are thriving.” And, because I am a creator god, that is what I create in My World/Universe.

Pay attention to what I am declaring. I didn’t say “The bees aren’t dying in my world.” I said, “In my world, the bees are thriving,” which is a purely positive statement. Do you feel the difference in the energy?

Another example is GMOs. I wouldn’t say, “GMOs don’t exist in my world.” A positive statement for that would be, “In my world, everything is purely organic and natural.”

“In my world, the oceans are clean and the water is pure.”

“In my world, the animals are loved and honored.”

“In my world, the forests are lush and healthy.”

“In my world, every family has a loving home and all of their needs are met with ease and grace.”

“In my world, peace prevails.”

“In my world, all governments are truly for the people, by the people.”

Do you see what I mean? Instead of pushing against anything with negative terms and emotions, send Love and Light and declare that in your world all is Perfect and Divine. That is how we create the New Earth in the here and now.

I love you all, and I hope this little article will benefit you in some way.