Take time to get to know you and your auric field. Your Aura Field Matters! So much is held in our Aura…emotions, ancestor karma, thoughts from you and others, and dark energies that when not taken care of can become very dense. If we do not learn to clean and clear our aura often then the denser matter will begin to form within our physical bodies creating illness and disease.

Begin to understand your own aura field and what you can do to strengthen it. Take deep breaths often and oxygenate your body and aura field. Walks in nature are of absolute high natural vibrations that help us to heal unwanted energies. Take time to rest and hydrate every day.

Pendulums are a great tool to use for clearing your auric field. When you feel yourself overwhelmed or in anxiety get a pendulum and let it rotate counter-clockwise in your auric field and it will release and clear the unwanted energies. It will stop when finished and may even go clockwise to energize after the clearing is complete. You will get familiar with how your pendulum will work for you. Take time to play with it as a tool to get to know you. We are in times of Great Change and we may require extra help in our newly integrating ways of discerning…what works for you and what does not!


We have a wonderful book ‘Command Language’ by Robert Dunlap that has a wealth of information to help clear programs in your aura field and you can use your pendulum. Stop in Lightworker’s and see what all we have to offer you on your path of staying clean and clear.