In the past few weeks, we have felt the Winds of Change and have been asked to hold our Highest Vision of the “New” Earth we are currently creating. Those mighty winds have lifted us up into a new but unfamiliar energy and vibration which can be a bit disorienting! We may be finding this to be challenging and in some cases, we may even feel as though we have slipped backwards into a space and energy that we know we previously cleared.

The covers have been blown off, exposing some stale, lower vibrations that we may have missed before or did not fully address. We are presented with an opportunity now to do more inner work as we clear through these programs, thought patterns, and feelings that no longer serve our highest good. Also, be mindful of any “triggers” that reveal any parts of ourselves which require a bit more healing. Remember that we are experiencing these now from a higher vibration with a presence of greater compassion, understanding, and gratitude!

We are balancing and integrating all of this as many planets are retrograding, stargates are opening, and eclipse season is upon us! These are opportunities for growth as we clear ourselves and create space for more downloads and upgrading. Let us remain diligent and in the NOW moment as we assimilate into ALL these new frequencies. Practice as much self-love and self-care as necessary, relax, allow ourselves to have fun, and maintain that Highest Vision!

Stay Grateful AND Magical!