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Lightworker’s Sanctuary has been created to bring Love, Light and Healing to humanity and Mother Earth through meditation and prayer, understanding and acceptance, teaching and healing, service and enlightenment.

It is our intention that you feel the clear, welcoming Light energy as soon as you walk through the door. We offer various opportunities daily for energetic healing, personal expansion, intuitive guidance, personal enlightenment, classes and workshops to assist you on your spiritual path.

Our store offers many thoughtfully chosen items that will enhance your spiritual experience, including Crystals, Candles, Music, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry, and more. Our selection of unusual and powerful healing crystals is continually expanding.


Meet some of our Lightworkers

Stop by or call 214-385-1784 to make an Appointment

Berena Wise

Available every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (except first Sunday of each month).

Acutonic Vibrational Sound Healing- Free Sample always available
C.O.R.E Energetic Cell and Organ Regeneration
Crystal Mask
Sekhem Ancient Egyptian Healing
Reiki Plus
Cold Laser Therapy
Tarot and Angel Card Readings
Personal Animal Totem Chart

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Trinity Table



Available By Appointment.

During your journey, Berena will be in the room and open her channel to see and hear what your Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels have to tell you.

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DeAnna VandeZande


Available every Tuesday, Thursday, 1st Sunday and 4th Saturday 11 am – 5 pm.

Reiki Master Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki for Pets

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Janet Farrell

Available the 1st Saturday and 4th Friday each month.

Akashic Record Readings

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Penny Cordet

Available every 3rd Sunday each month.

Certified DNA 1, 2 and Advanced DNA Theta Healing Practitioner since 2005, and is clairvoyant, and clairaudient.

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Talia Cheek

Available every 3rd Saturday each month.

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Energy Weaver

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